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draconic_seto's Journal

Kaiba Seto
25 October
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Alias: Artemis
Email: artemiswolfang@gmail.com

Name: Kaiba Seto
Series: Yu-Gi-Oh
Physical Type: Chimera
Occupation: Assistant to Jonothan Starsmore.
Driving Force: Rage, a desire to test his abilities, and a strong, strong, strong urge to figure out what in the world has happened to him, and why he can't remember anything.
Age: 20
Biography: When Seto was younger, he and his brothers in Amestris studied alchemy and its relation to the technology available. They created machines, and were known in their small town for creating inventive and unique toys and tools. But all good things come to an end, and their research drew attention from other alchemists - ones who were not so good. This is all Seto can remember until two years ago, when he awoke to find himself in a laboratory, with the ability to sprout wings and a massive tail, and fly with those wings. They called him a dragon, which he liked, and an experiment, which he didn't like. So he waited, and planned. One day, they took him outside, to test his strength, not knowing that he had secretly worked with his wings in his room, making them strong. As soon as he was outside he took off, spreading his wings and flying away. They shot at him, and wounded him, but he managed to make his way towards Central City - though he was smart enough not to go in just yet. He tended his wounds, and gradually learned how to keep his tail and his wings in. Finally being able to pass as human, he managed to get a job at a restaraunt, and watches the going-ons in the city. He wants to destroy - the murderous desires almost overwhelm him - and he wants to know what has happened to his family, but he knows going back would only cause them pain and put them in danger.
Distinctive markings: On his back, just below the collarbone, he has this tattoo : Seto's Tattoo.